we do carry a limited supply of children's costumes

3920 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite F, Las Vegas, NV, 89102




Q: How do the rentals work?

A: The rentals are for 1 day. We allow the costumer to pick the costume up one day before and it is to be returned back the morning after the event. There will be a security deposit equal to rental price – this has to be paid with credit card and will be refunded when the costume is returned. But the actual rental can be paid with cash or credit.

Q: How much do rentals cost?

A: $75 and higher. All of our costumes are theatrical quality.

Q: Where is this costume?

A: On the face of each aisle there is a sign that says, generally, what is in each section.

Q: Do we price match?

A: I’m sorry we are not global enough to price match.

Q: Do we have children’s costumes?

A: No.

Q: Return Policy?

A: All sales are final.

Q: Are we a seasonal store?

A: No, we are open year round.